Meet Phillip Jones

Phillip Jones is a Marine Corps Veteran, native Virginian, and businessman running to bring overdue change to Newport News.​

My Story

Service has been a part of my life since childhood.

I was taught from a young age to value hard work, honor those before me who paved the way and use their sacrifice to make the world, and my community, a better place.

As the son of parents who both served in the military, As a military brat, I spent most of my early years exposed to different cultures and homes worldwide before my parents retired at Langley Air Force Base when I was in middle school.

After the terror attacks on September 11, the trajectory of my life changed forever. I knew it was my time to step up and do my part.

Supported by my mentors and Hampton Roads community, I represented Virginia at the United States Naval Academy, serving as the first black Brigade Sergeant Major.

I was commissioned as a Marine Corps infantry officer, leading peacekeeping and security cooperation missions in Asia, Europe, and Africa.

I graduated from Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School, and returned home to Newport News, working to help businesses financially rebound from the pandemic.

But when I returned home, I saw Newport News still facing some of the struggles from my youth, especially in comparison to other areas of the Commonwealth. Other mid-sized cities had prioritized regional economics and innovation and reaped the benefits through All-America City selections and population growth, but Newport News was decreasing in size and resiliency.

At this moment, I feel called to step up and do more for the city that has done so much for me.

I’m running for Mayor because we stand at a critical junction. In the next handful of years, we can make decisions that will build a foundation for our city’s legacy. We must leverage public-private partnerships, modernize city hall processes, and elevate the narrative of our city on a national level to compete globally.

In every endeavor of my life, I have always sought to work in a collaborative manner to deliver results. As a Marine, I have stood shoulder to shoulder with Americans from all walks of life, races, and creeds to accomplish the mission. That’s the same mentality I’ll bring to City Hall.

I currently serve on the Newport News Planning Commission, the Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity Peninsula, and the Board of Trustees for the Commonwealth’s Veteran Services Foundation.

I am determined to make this city a place everyone can be proud to call home and reach our full potential. Let’s accomplish this together.